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Our qualified engineers and technicians provides scalable solutions to help you achieve success through revenue increase and cost management.We can resolve many of your problems regarding calibrations, controls and instrumentation to save your time and money.

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  Indus can fill all your sale, repair, service and calibration needs. With many satisfied customers, we look forward to helping you keep your equipment in excellent working order. We serve all industries.


We sell a complete line (all makes & models) of balances, scales, weights, Instruments and accessories. On purchase items we provide full after sales support for all products.


Indus offers our customers equipment maintenance, upgrade and a complete repair services. Our technicians have extensive experience in repairing and trouble shooting problems.


Indus provides our customers with all the data and traceability information they need for their calibration items. Indus accreditation has expanded to meet the diverse needs of our customers and now includes the Humidity Calibration Service, Pressure Calibration Service, and Temperature Calibration Service (for comparison temperature calibrations). New services, including Electrical, Time and Frequency, are being added to ensure we are meeting all of the unique needs of our customers.

Overall, we are capable to calibrate:

• Mass
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Thermal Mass Flow
• Pressure
• Electrical
• Time & Frequency
• Dimensional
  If you don't see the type of calibration you need, that doesn't mean we can't do it. Give us a call to learn more about our full calibration services (0300-9218270). We are able to satisfy your emergency situations, as well as consistently provide quick turnaround.  
  We can send our team for “on site calibration” at your facility. We customize our services to meet your needs for fast turnarounds, affordable and convenient Calibration.  
• Eliminates instrument down time and the need for spares
• Minimal interruptions to your manufacturing process
• No questions as to where your instruments are or when they will be returned
• You can have all of your calibration services done at once, or schedule them
   throughout the year
• Our calibration technicians are available to answer your questions immediately
• No transportation costs or delays
Documentation & Certification

Indus provides you Calibration standards traceable to National & International standard. All documentation fulfills the requirement of ISO 9000 Quality system. We offer several levels of service and calibration certificates in order to meet your specific needs.

Annual Repair, Maintenance and Calibration Agreement

We work with our customers to keep their scales calibrated correctly by offering flexible ongoing service contracts. We can save at least 30% from the amount you are spending on repairing and maintenance of weighing scales by having contract with us

For prompt service or for a specialized quotation,
you can call us at (92-21) 5805012
• Free Delivery*
• Onsite Installation service
• National Coverage
• Repair and Parts Warranty
• Technical After sales Support
ISO9000 Documentation
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